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The clients page is where you can put in all your families and children information. You can change details such as billing information, guardians, rates, or health concerns.

Client Page

A Client ties Children and Guardians together, for invoices and reports.


A Guardian could be:

  • A parent
  • A grandparent who is allowed to pick this child up from daycare
  • A case worker
  • Or an emergency contact, such as a family friend

Each guardian has information such as phone numbers, email, if they should get invoices, and notes.


Each Child contains basic information such as birth date, name, notes, and health concerns.

Creating a New Client

The easiest way to setup new clients is to use the "New Client Wizard". It will step through setting up all the information for a new client. Client Page

Last reviewed 2020-12-13 by Kevin Fines for V1.7.4