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First Steps

Some first steps to get your account up and going:

  • Update your Provider information such as:
    • Your business name
    • The contact information to show on reports and invoices
    • The street and billing addresses that will show on reports and invoices
    • The rates that you plan to charge
  • Add additional Staff member accounts if desired
    • Staff accounts are useful for reporting (Who signed in timmy this morning? What staff were present at an incident?)
    • You may want a separate account for a tablet that is used for signing children in/out, and be restricted from accessing other areas of the system
  • Start adding Clients and Children
    • A Client is the combination of at least one Child and a Guardian
    • Children and Guardians have a place to store notes, medical information, and contact information

Last reviewed 2023-03-24 by Russel Delainey for V1.11.0