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Dashboard Overview

Dashboard screenshot

The dashboard is where your tablet or other device will spend most of it's time. It gives a quick overview of which children are in, total client and children numbers, as well as upcoming birthdays.

Let's learn a little more about each section: Dashboard screenshot

1. Menu

The menu button can be clicked to expand or shrink the menu along the left hand side.

Large devices (tablets, laptops) will show the menu all the time, while smaller devices such as phones will only display the menu when you click this menu icon.

2. Quick Info

These icons provide some details about your daycare. From left to right:

  • The speech bubble leads to a feedback form. We'd love to hear suggestions and feedback from you!
  • The child standing in a circle indicates how many children are currently signed in
  • The child with arms raised indicates the total number of children active at your center
  • The family indicates how many active clients you have

3. Profile

Clicking the profile button provides you links to change your color scheme, go to your provider information page, change your password, view the terms of service and privacy policy.

4. Recently Used

This is a short list of recently viewed pages in the application. Click one to navigate to that page.

5. In/Out Board

This customizable list of children is used for tracking attendance, quick health concerns or note reference (hover over the little medical bag or thumbtack symbol), and a drop down 'Go To' menu allowing access to more details related to this child.

6. Todo list

This is a list for all the little reminders at your facility. Tap the checkbox on the top-left corner of a sticky note to complete that task. Add a task or reminder by typing into the text box, and tapping 'Add'.

7. In/Out Kiosk Button

The Kiosk provides a full screen board for check in/out, showing only the child names. If you keep a device near the entrance for self checkin, or in view of your clients, this allows you to hide the rest of the application from sight.

Last reviewed 2021-09-06 by Russel Delainey for V1.7.9